“To challenge, inspire and develop high-performance players to deliver winning performances for INDIA on the global stage”.

At AISA, our mentors & coaches train the students the art of winning the game with true sportsman spirit. We have incorporated a team with experts who know 360 degrees of the sport they are into and have enriched the same with their rich experience.

Jignesh Raval

Head Coach (Tennis Director)

The senior-most coach, the pride of our team with more than 18 years of tennis coaching experience. Mr. Raval believes, “Tennis is all about sound fundamentals and working on the player’s mental and physical aspects.” As a professional Tennis player, he has worked with top WTA players like Alison Risk (WTA Ranking 123), Julie Ditty (WTA Ranking 525) Nicola Slater (WTA Ranking 744) and Nova Patel (Junior Australian Open Player).

Achievements and Career Highlights of Mr. Jignesh Raval

  • National Coach for School Games. (Boy’s u-14 and 19)
  • Has produced more than 75 state and national champions from 1997 till now.
  • Participated in more than 10 National Tennis Tournaments as a Chief Referee.
  • Certified by USPTA.
  • Certified PTR National Tester.
  • Merit Achievement Program Rating 3A by PTR.
  • Certified PTR Professional.
  • Certified Cardio Tennis Instructor by PTR.

“The force of AISA which carves the rock into finest of diamonds”

Our team comprises of coaches who have excelled in the sport of tennis at various levels like district, state or national, international.

  • Mukesh Raval
  • Ramesh Solanki
  • Anil Raval
  • Ravi Khatik
  • Nilesh Rabari
  • Ajay Raval
  • Vishal Sevak - Admin Head
  • Jaldip Patel - Admin