The AISA stands on its “four main pillars” that have endless love for tennis and have the dream to take tennis in India on the next level.

  • Jignesh Raval Director
    The man himself - He is the Tennis director at AISA, having over 18 years of tennis coaching experience which is now being imparted to AISA. He is the main force behind the full-fledged development of Tennis at Ahmedabad International Sports Academy. He looks after every individual's progress at AISA and comes up with all the ideas that can make this Academy the hub of fine players.
  • Dhiman Vyas Co-Founder
    The co-founder of AISA along-with Kunjal Patel, Dhiman started AISA being bot happy with the resources available for tennis at other places he visited. He wished for a tennis academy which provides best of facilities to tennis aspirants so that they can grow at their best in the field of tennis and make all of us proud. The spirit of game and importannce of amenities landed him at AISA.
  • Kunjal Patel Founder
    One of the founders of AISA who started playing tennis only 4 years ago but developed with leaps and bounds to improve her game of tennis along with the other tennis passionate students at AISA. She invested her time and money to develop the game at the academy in a better way.
  • Darshan Shah Chief Director of Operations
    The Chief Director of Operations at AISA who himself is one of the best tennis players from his school days. His love for tennis drove him to AISA. Being a parent of two daughters, who are playing tennis at a competitive level, Mr. Darshan emphasizes on the all-round development of each and every student at AISA i.e. not compromising studies with sports. He devotes his time at the academy to indulge in the play and monitors every single thing personally to see what is promised is delivered.